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All new patients receive a complementary initial consultation.

After our 2-year old was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, Harriet Spitzer-Picker guided us through the initial shock and offered practical steps to implement the changes needed.   Harriet gained our trust quickly.  We wonder how we would gotten through all of the issues without Harriet's assistance! 

- Levitt Family, Plainview, NY

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Harriet Spitzer-Picker

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Need help approaching a summer camp or after-school program about your needs?  Contact Harriet.


Article:  Inside Schools - Back to School with Asthma & Allergies

We are now offering assistance with shopping for food-allergic families.  Food allergies do not have to prevent you from eating the things you love!

Harriet Spitzer-Picker is a Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C).  Harriet is a Food Allergy Specialist.. Read More

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